Author: Jo Williams

My Name is Jo and I live in Surrey, England. I am the creator and blogger of Get Spooked a New Paranormal blog aimed at Paranormal enthusiasts and Investigators across the UK.

As a Paranormal Investigator for several years running and attending Paranormal Events, I decided to write about my own thoughts and ideas through this blog Get Spooked to share with you.

I will include many subjects from investigation techniques, the latest equipment to use, best experiments practised, popular theories, infamous paranormal cases across the UK, historical information in and around the area and my own thoughts in the paranormal field across Social Media.
By day I am a Mum, Nan and Care Worker having a huge interest in All things Spiritual and Paranormal. On the weekends I help to run Public Ghost Hunting Events with Surrey Paranormal and also conduct Private investigations all over Surrey.

I have been attending my Local Spiritualist Church for many years and am a member of a Close Development Circle in Mediumship. I have studied many subjects in Holistic Therapies including Reiki, Tarot, Oracle Cards, Distance Healing, Negative Energy Space Clearing and Spirit Rescue. I am currently studying for a Sleep Coaching certificate and EFT Tapping Masters Coaching Course.

I love visiting historical locations including my own photography, researching the history through my own findings on these wonderful Buildings and the stories behind some of these places.

Thank you for stopping by and for your friendship and support. I hope you enjoy the blog! Please take a moment to check out my social media links and give me a follow!