Why I think its important to Give up the Ghost!

This question gets asked a lot by many people from all walks of life.

How can you remove a Negative Spirit from your home?

I believe that some Ghosts are attracted to negative emotions or feelings and it can be rampant particularly in places where there is little fresh air, light and in dark places. Without realising you could be creating an environment that could attract negative energy. Before you phone your local Ghostbusters be careful as many are untrained “fly by night” influenced by TV programmes we often see so much of.

I believe any decent reputable Ghost Hunter will not walk into your home and ask to be thrown around or slapped in the face! I call that provoking, I prefer to think that the intention is far more important than thinking you are in the middle of an action Movie! An investigation in the wrong hands can anger the spirits. Overeager Investigators I have seen are far too busy trying to get actual evidence or the experience of the Haunting and forgetting that there are people who live in those houses.

I also believe that not all hauntings are negative or problematic sometimes it might simply be a late relative looking to connect with you.

Consider this also that according to shamanism, depression in a person is caused by “Spirit attachment” so equally if you sense negative spirits, perhaps it would be wise to cleanse your own negativity. A lot of times negative energies are attracted to people who are depressed but then again, I’m not saying an unhappy life may also lead to a haunting.

The standard ghost cleansing method I prefer to use in such situations includes burning white sage or mug wort, working with obsidian crystals as pretty much most black crystal’s have a protective power, using sea salt and a bell.
It sounds very simple but as I spoke about intention earlier this is the crucial part many Investigator’s miss. Tell the spirits to leave, don’t say please because you are not asking them, you are telling them in a way that is not offensive.

I find this the generally the best way to deal with those pesky ghosts without adding drama and assuming every haunting is somewhat demonic.

This is a subject I will be covering in a next episode.

Please leave a comment below on this article as I would love to hear about your experiences and beliefs on this subject.

Happy ghost hunting.

Clairvoyant Canines!

There is a belief that dogs have psychic abilities..

The most common example of a dog anticipating and event occurring is that dogs seem to know exactly when their owners are coming home.

Do you believe dogs can see Demons, Angels and Ghosts?

Mirror Mirror On The Wall”

Mirrors are believed by many to be portals to the spirit realm and even other dimensions.

Are Mirrors Portals ?

In order to prevent mirrors being used as a portal by supernatural entities, the mirror should be frequently moved to different areas of the room and Mirrors placed in the same position for a long period of time are thought to be more likely to become spiritual portals.

Perhaps the next time you pass a mirror and you get an odd shiver running down your spine, take a good look at the reflection—you never know who or what might be staring back at you…!

Ghostly Children that run after passers-by?

Bamber Castle Ruins Sussex

800 years ago Bramber Castle along with 40 Manors was owned by a guy called William de Breose.

King John at the time was feeling a little threatened by this mans great wealth and loyalty, so decided one day he was going  take all his  children at the time and hold them as hostages!

Upon hearing this news they all fled to Ireland however eventually his wife and one of her sons  were  captured and taken to Windsor Castle where she  starved to death including son William.

The story of the ghosts of Maud and William used to be quite well known in the area of Bramber 800 years ago gazing wistfully at the ruins of their former home.

Usually around Christmas time the figure of a boy and Lady  would be seen around the ruins of the castle and sometimes in the village at night and many of the locals would say the ghosts would pursue anyone who saw them, holding out their hands begging for food.

So next time you visit Bramber Castle ruins you may just see Maud and William!

Harry Price – The first “celebrity Ghost Hunter” without ever having a YouTube channel or Facebook Page!

Harry Price was disliked and distrusted by many, there is no denying that from all the literature that has been written about him. With his highly charismatic personality whose energy and enthusiasm for the paranormal made him the first “celebrity ghost hunter” without ever having a YouTube channel or Facebook Page!

Price was at the forefront in bringing ghost research to the general public, realising that only by making the research entertaining could he attract the attention of the masses. A common theme we still see today among some “Paranormal Investigators”!

Price was regarded as an embarrassment during his time Because of his flamboyant manner and continuous self-promotion, Price made a number of enemies within the psychical research field. Much of the resentment revolved around that fact that Price had no real scientific training but was still so skilful at what he did.  In other words, he knew nothing about science yet became very good at what he actually did. Which shows that you don’t need any qualifications in the field to be an active “Ghost Hunter”.  He was a household name at the time so could say he was the first celebrity Ghost Hunter!

 Price was an accomplished magician and an expert at detecting fraud, so he was not taken in by many of the fraudulent mediums that plagued paranormal research of the time. Something you still need to be observant in today’s field. . He very much had his wits about him and after his death “jealous People” of his work would “attack” his reputation, Alot of this is still seen in some of the paranormal community of today.

Regardless, his work was considered ground-breaking for many and his investigations at the house known as Borley Rectory became some of the first documented attempts to track down the ghosts of a single haunted location well before The Enfield haunting or East Drive to name a few.

In 1929 this case was to literally take over his life, to the point he was the first investigator to produce a booklet for 40 investigators who were given the chance to investigate at Borley Rectory. Today we could even call this a Ghost Hunting Event limited to just a few hours!

This was the first time detailed accounts of paranormal research had been exposed to the general public and having spent 10 years investigating Borley Rectory, analysing the wall writings, the seance messages and meanings of the symbols found he felt the nun who was alleged to be haunting the gaff  was trying to communicate something to him he just didnt know what!

Eventually he presented his findings to his friend Cannon Adams who immediately instructed him to dig up a small area within the cellar of the rectory.  How he knew this is unexplained however the “jealous” folk simply put it down to pure coincidence.

Finally, the bone fragments and partial skull were dug up from beneath the cellar floors of what is believed to be the famous nun who continued to haunt the location! Unfortunately to date no such thing has happened like this on your typical Ghost Hunt but imagine how remarkable this would have been at the time! this would raise a few eyebrows turning up with a shovel and spade to the next location!

Price managed to give ghost research a place in the public eye and today and many researchers still use similar methods to Harry Price without knowing it. The use of Bells, trigger objects, photographs and a Medium.

 I have never made it a secret that I am very intrigued by   Harry Price and his work and continue to defy those who disregard him to show another investigator who has so shaped the methods that we continue to use today.

Let me know what you think !

Paratek App – Spirits Help with horses!

As an essential journey to feed three field ornaments (Horses) and missing my Paranormal fix

I decided to run these two Apps while I attended to my horses today.

Loaded with a wheelbarrow full of Hay, feed and apples off I went on my daily journey to feed the horses.  Whilst I’ve only ever used these Apps in a Hunted Location, I thought I would try an experiment and see if I could get any communication during my lonely walk to to the field.

I’ve seen countless Paranormal groups immediately being able to connect with spirit almost to cue so I thought well I shall do a mini ghost hunt to while away the time during my long walk to the field.

What I did find interesting, among the usual irrelevant words there were a couple of interesting responses following my questions “is anyone there”!

There is much debate about whether these Apps are just for entertainment purposes but I can’t seem to work out how the word Horses came through and, shoes? yes horses have shoes and we did have the Farrier out 2 days ago. The building to which it is referring to was at the point when I was almost back at the yard?

Albeit an impromptu experiment I have to ask, did the developer know I have horses to be able to program the words into the sound bank?

Coincidence you may say but its not really a very Paranormal Spooky word don’t you agree!

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